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mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012 - ore 10:09 AM

La tua versione di Bannister

L'oroscopo 2012 di Rob Brezsny per i granchietti, incluso il nenne.

It's impossible for the human body to run a mile in less than four minutes - at least that's what the conventional wisdom used to say. And indeed, no one in history ever broke that barrier until May 6, 1954, when Roger Bannister raced a mile in three minutes, 59.4 seconds. Since then, lots of athletes have done it and the record has been lowered by another 17 seconds. In fact, the sub-four-minute mile is now regarded as a standard accomplishment for middle-distance runners. I suspect that in 2012 you will accomplish your own version of Bannister's feat - a breakthrough that once seemed crazy difficult or beyond your capacity.


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